I Bought A Prestigio

I think Nokia Lumia handsets are great, just look at my domain name, I love ‘em. Unfortunately it looks like Nokia just couldn’t keep up with the modern world and was forced to sell to Microsoft. Maybe everything was not lost, but then Microsoft decided to scrap the Nokia name and this was not good. An icon of mobile handsets just thrown out with the bath water, so to speak.
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Nokia Lumia 630

Lumia 630

Introducing the best Windows Phone experience ever. Enjoy typing by swiping with Word Flow, the fastest keyboard around. See all of your chats, social updates and settings with just one swipe in the all-new Action Center. And make your start screen distinctly your own by adding a background photo to see your real-time Live Tiles come to life more than ever before.
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Windows Phone 8.1


After weeks (months) of rumours the time as almost arrived (June or July) for the biggest update to hit Windows Phone, since Windows Phone.

  • The start screen enhancements will make many of the tiles on your start screen transparent  so you can see the background you selected as you scroll up and down.
  • Action Centre brings a feature used on the iPhone and Android, basically the user swipes down from the top of the screen to reveal popular settings and notifications.

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Clever Apps

App Update

Just got a few apps today from clever software. The company as quite a few WP apps to choose from in the Marketplace, so I downloaded a selection to test for the blog:

  • Clever Photo
  • Clever Camera
  • Clever Lists
  • CleverToDo


Call back later and read my reviews.

Nokia Lumia OS update begins

Black is the new Amber

From Friday 10th January 2014, Nokia Lumia handsets running WP8 will start to receive the new Lumia Black software update. Software updates from Nokia and Microsoft are safe to install, and your settings, apps, photos, and text messages remain safe and sound. Software updates are free of charge, but to download the update, you need an internet connection, and data transmission costs may apply. For more info on the possible costs, contact your network service provider. To keep data costs down, I recommend that you use a Wi-Fi connection.
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Lumia 800 Retired


Over the holidays I decided it was about time my trusted Lumia 800 needed a rest and took life a little easier. The 800 had been by my side for almost two years and together we had roamed the British Isles through wind, rain, snow, and occasionally sunshine. The handset had never let me down, as long as I charged it every night, and made sure that my giffgaff goodybag was active.
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Problems with giffgaff App are Over

App Update

Have you seen giffgaffs recent website upgrade? The website does look great but the rewrite played havoc with the giffgaff app on my Lumia 800 with running WP7.8.

The apps author was as surprised as the rest of us by the update from giffgaff and knows that there is a problem and as submitted a fix to Microsoft.
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SkyDrive almost ready for Rebranding


I reported in August that Microsoft is renaming SkyDrive after losing a legal battle with Sky, today it’s possible to show you the candidates rumoured to be NewDrive, BingDrive and FetchDrive.

Windows blogger Paul Thurrott claims the SkyDrive’s new name is NewDrive. But before you get too excited, Microsoft has used ‘New’ as a placeholder or internal codename in the passed. Hotmail was internally dubbed Newmail before it was publically rechristened Outlook.com.
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Vodafone 4G


Get ready – 4G is coming to Vodafone across the country. Vodafone 4G is already live in many cities and now is being rolled out across the rest of the UK during the next months. It means up to six times faster data speeds for thousands of Vodafone users.

Make sure you have a 4G-ready device, 4G sim, and 4G data plan.
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SkyDrive to Go


It’s been reported that Microsoft SkyDrive is to have a name change in the near future. I didn’t even think that the name rang any copyright bells but apparently I am wrong. It appears that Sky BSB have objected to the use of the word “sky” as they have first dibs on it.
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